Linear LED Lighting is a phrase we often hear in interior and exterior design, but what exactly does it mean and how do we use it?

This article aims to ‘de-mystify’ Linear LED lighting and give you an insight into how and where to use it, to effortlessly turn cool spaces into exceptional ones!

Our clients appreciate a row of benefits provided by Linear LED Lighting, including;

Aesthetics – if looks are important to you, then Linear LED Lights has a pretty strong offering. It provides a massive amount of versatility for creating unique and eye-catching designs. Bespoke angles, curves and customised RAL colour powder coating are just a few of the options available that make Linear LED Lights an easy choice.

Directional light – LEDs are directional (wide range of direct light angles), reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light.

Light tone – Linear LED lights offer a large range of colour temperatures (CCT, K, from warm to cold tones), which affect the way the eye interprets the light. Different tones of light can be used to create mood and atmosphere in a space. Let our specialists guide you how to use the right light tone according to the purpose of the room.

Cost effective – an obvious advantage, quality Linear LED Lighting  is extremely efficient to run due to its low energy usage, and also its inherent longevity; an LED will typically last many times longer than a fluorescent tube. Please note that proper installation is one of the key components when considering the lifetime of your light fixture.

Once you’ve made the decision to use Linear LED Lighting for your space, there are cofusing array of options, so we’ve broken it down into some of the key factors for you to consider:

The three main types of Linear LED lights are pendant, surface mounted, recessed and cove

Pendant Linear LED Lights use suspension wires from the ceiling, and are most suited to rooms with generous ceiling height. These are also ideal for creating stunning accent lighting – think about hanging over reception desks, stairways or atriums.
Surface Mounted Linear LED Lights are mounted onto the surface of the and are suited to situations where pendant lights could be too low due to ceiling height.
Recessed Linear LED Lights are recessed into a surface, be it a ceiling, wall, floor or furniture. This offers clean, uninterrupted lines.

Cove Linear LED Lights – this indirect lighting style is the most comfortable for the eyes. Light source is hidden and light is illuminating special surfaces or creating another dimension to the space.

Linear LED lights can be straight or shaped to create dramatic sculptures for ultimate effect.

Straight profiles will typically create a modern and sleek effect, but can also be used to create eye catching geometric style designs. Lines of light optically give the feeling of more longer/wider space.

Curved profiles will typically help to create flow in a space and give a feeling of movement.
Round profiles are often used to help divide space into zones, particularly in open plan spaces. For example LED rings suspended lower than surrounding lighting over collaborative zones creates a sense of focus.

Linear LED Lighting is very versatile and can be used for a number of lighting applications.

General lighting – this is the high level lighting that provides that background light in a space. Care should be taken that light is distributed evenly and glare is avoided.
Task lighting – this is focused light for specific tasks, such as a suspended linear desk light over a collaborative area.
Accent/Decorative– light used for aesthetic effect, such as to highlight or mirror the shape of a distinctive architectural feature or give a sense of height to a room. Our recessed LED Linear lights are perfect for this. Let your imagination run wild and the results can be stunning!


In the million optios world of Linear LED Lighting the brand LOWE is something you can count on as we have the right and smart solution for your lighting need.

We are dedicated in bringing to market product innovations and helping customers to select quality solutions in this functional as well as stunning and emotional lighting option.

The Scandinavian origin word “LOWE” means light, glow, love and feel strong emotions so that´s why it is perfect for our lights.

Choosing LED linear lights can be overwhelming with all the options available. However, the results you can create are stunning and undoubtedly create exceptional spaces. So for more info from our friendly team of experts at Lowe Linear LED Lights and we’ll help you decide what you need to create your own LOWE lights!

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