The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It’s where we read, do our homework, prepare signature meals for those we love and gather with our friends for dinner parties. This multi-functional, highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine, including task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting. For the most effective and attractive kitchen lighting design, plan task lighting first to give you light where you really need it, then add accent lighting for visual interest. Add your general lighting last to fill the space and then just the right amount of ambient light. Combine all three layers of light with the right kitchen light fixtures and dimmers, and you’ve got a recipe for kitchen design success. To keep your lighting scheme stylish it is best to use same white light tone for all areas whether you have chosen incandecent like tone 2700K, halogen like tone 3000K or neutral 4000K light tone for your kitchen.


Some of the most precise tasks in a kitchen take place on the countertops. The easiest way to light them is to install LOWE undercabinet lighting .This is the most important lighting in the kitchen after general lighting.

Many countertops have shiny surfaces, i.e. marble or granite, so a LOWE Linear LED light with diffused/mat light source cover we would recommend to avoid reflected glare.


One of the first things many people do when they head into the kitchen is turn on the lights and go to the fridge, which already has a light. When you open your cabinets, wouldn’t it also be nice to have light in there, too?

The best lighting solution for cabinet interiors is to install LOWE Linear LED lights on the underside of each shelf, a couple of inches from the front of the cabinets. This accurately lights items in each cabinet while avoiding shadow in the front.

If you have glass shelves then we have a eyecatching solution for them too.


Using simple LOWE Linear LED lights placed in the right location in your drawers will work perfectly and make your silverware sparkle. If you prefer using a switch or motion sensor with the drawers and wire them up to the LOWE lights, the lights will turn on when the drawers are opened and then turn off automatically after you close them.


By the time you have accounted for all of your task and accent lighting in the kitchen, you should not need much more additional light to fill in the space. Well-placed recessed, surface or pendant LOWE linear LED lighting can do the trick. This is the opportunity to incorporate decorative fixtures to let your personal style show through. When you choose dimmable LOWE linear LED lights you can use it at max when you are cleaning and dim them to subtle glow when you are not active in the room.

Using linear lights above the cabinets makes the space seem bigger and brighter. Using linear lights under desktop counters creates the illusion as the cabinets ware floating in the air.


Pendants are among the most popular choice for kitchen island lighting and above dinner table. Both decorative and functional, linear suspensions can be great alternatives to chandeliers and conventional pendant fixtures. LOWE has a fantastic selection of pendant lighting in a variety of sizes that look great in the kitchen for an eye-catching visual centerpiece for the room.

The great thing about LOWE linear LED lights is that they are custom made by your order and it’s easy for to install to kitchen furniture with your furniture manufacturer or to your existing kitchen.

Light Color Options

Mounting Options

Benefits Compared To Other Lighting Types

  • Saves Space
  • Low Cleaning Maintanence
  • Wow-Effect
  • Suited For Various Interiors
  • Quality Lighting - No Shadows
  • Eye-Friendly
  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • Various Control Options
  • (Proximity) Sensors Can Be Added
  • Custom Made For You

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