Each person has their own idea of how a perfect bedroom should look like. But, even so, there are a few elements that are always present in those descriptions. The bedroom needs to be a relaxing and inviting space where you feel safe and where the atmosphere is calm, cozy and tranquil. Bedroom lighting needs to be right in the morning when you are getting up and your eyes or not used to bright light yet and intimate and atmospheric at night to provide a romantic sanctuary at the end of the day. There are multiple elements that contribute to the overall décor and atmosphere and the lighting is one of the most important ones.

Here are some tips and lighting ideas for this much loved room.


Lighting does not need to be extravagant to make an impression. LOWE Linear LED Lights cove lighting is simple but offers great value – both esthetical and practical – to your bedroom.


LOWE Linear LED Lighting behind the bed is a good alternative or an addition to bedside lamps.


In Sweden it is popular to place lamps on the window behind the curtains. This gives an effect where people passing through the window do not see easily inside and also gives a nice ambient light for the room. Same effect can be achieved with LOWE Linear LED Lights behind or inside your curtain reel.


Light under the furniture makes the illusion of them floating in the air. This lighting effect is also great combined with motion sensors so you do not have to look for a switch or use too bright ceiling light in the middle of the night.

Light Color Options

Mounting Options

Benefits Compared To Other Lighting Types

  • Saves Space
  • Low Cleaning Maintanence
  • Wow-Effect
  • Suited For Various Interiors
  • Quality Lighting - No Shadows
  • Eye-Friendly
  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • Various Control Options
  • (Proximity) Sensors Can Be Added
  • Custom Made For You

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