Sauna therapy has been used for centuries for relieving asthma, joint pain, muscle spasms, high blood pressure and stress. It is also effective at detoxifying the body of chemicals from pollutants in the atmosphere and earth, and it’s generally much safer than taking a lot of medications. Saunas have also been a popular social gathering place and good lighting can take this experience to the next level.

We have lighting solutions that are suitable for luxurious spas to woodburning saunas. Saunas all over the world are quite different so sauna LED lights in the market are different too. Not all are suitable for the heat and high moisture that comes with traditional sauna in many Nordic countries.

Woodburning saunas are one of the harshest conditions for LED lighting because of the heat as well as the moisture from the steam. But knowing some insights, our installed LOWE Linear LED Lights for sauna have been delighting our customers for years.

With some considerations linear lights are excellent for saunas. Their ability to make small rooms appear bigger and that they are uniquely controllable makes them perfect for sauna.

If you are planning sauna lighting then consider that the lights need to be able to be adjusted to a desired light amount and warmer light tones are recommended for taking this relaxing ritual space to the max. Some sauna fans also take the time to enjoy wellness and light therapy with our color changing lights and that is always a good wow-factor aswell.

LOWE Linear LED Lights are waterproof and easy maintanence.

Here are some types of sauna lighting that are most popular:


LOWE Linear LED Lights bring out the beautiful (wood)pattern of the wall panels and also illuminates the faces of your sauna buddies.

Some say backrests are the highest place in sauna where Linear LED Lighting can go because above this height heat increases noticeably. Depending on the layout and type of the sauna, this is not always so.


This kind of lighting creates a mystique and more intimate athmosphere in the room.

Light Color Options

Mounting Options

Benefits Compared To Other Lighting Types

  • Saves Space
  • Low Cleaning Maintanence
  • Wow-Effect
  • Suited For Various Interiors
  • Quality Lighting - No Shadows
  • Eye-Friendly
  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • Various Control Options
  • (Proximity) Sensors Can Be Added
  • Custom Made For You

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