Choosing the right lights can significantly enhance the appearance of a room; therefore there’s a good chance that you put some thought into buying the right lamps and light fixtures for your home. Most of these are direct lighting options, and it has its place. But if you love the soft, warm, glow that gently illuminates a space, then consider LOWE Linear LED lights cove lighting.

Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting also called ambient lighting, where the light is directed towards the ceiling and the light source is concealed. The resulting illumination is soft and diffused making it the most eye friendly because the light source does not shine directly into the bottom of your eye. Cove Lighting can also be used to accentuate specific architectural elements and to draw attention to certain features such as decorative walls. LOWE Linear LED Lights work particularly well when placed above crown mouldings or hidden behind valances, but there are many options to achieve this look and our lighting experts help you selecting the best solution.

We recommend to take the max from this lighting type and use dimmer to regulate the light level you desire.

 You can check out the images below to see how they enhance to the overall aesthetics of each room and create an intimate feel.


Ambient cove lighting concealed behind the crown moulding works well in modern small sized flat or as well as in a historical manor. The diffused nature of the light gives this room a luxurious feel.


Your bedroom tells a lot about your personality. Wheather your like classic, romantic, modern, nordic, minimalistic or bohemian style, it is good not have your bedroom cluttered, fussy or overly stimulating. Cove lighting is timeless and helps your bedroom to be beautifully simple. Set the mood in your master bedroom with adding LOWE Linear LED Lights cove lighting to make it serene and gorgeous.

You’ll feel better, live better, and sleep better when surrounded by the colors, patterns, textures, and objects you love.


Cove lighting needn’t always be soft. This modern kitchen benefits from the brilliance of the cove lights, making it a perfect alternative to direct lighting.


Bathrooms harsh glare turns into a futuristic feel and soft lively space you love being in with the help of LOWE Linear LED Lights waterproof cove lighting.

Light Color Options

Mounting Options

Benefits Compared To Other Lighting Types

  • Saves Space
  • Low Cleaning Maintanence
  • Wow-Effect
  • Suited For Various Interiors
  • Quality Lighting - No Shadows
  • Eye-Friendly
  • Low Electricity Consumption
  • Various Control Options
  • (Proximity) Sensors Can Be Added
  • Custom Made For You

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